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Strut Your Stuff Meme by bruceliane
Strut Your Stuff Meme

What is a Marsh party without showing off the finest Verotian couture on the Catwalk? Draw your character working that high fashion!
Beauty and Grace by bruceliane
Beauty and Grace

 Annika Devereaux
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Birthday: November 20th
Occupation: Marsh Co-Leader, Fashion Columnist for the Verot Ink & Press, Fashion Designer, Philanthropist


 Dignified | Direct | Diligent
In her dealings with others, Annika relies heavily upon first impressions. If that one chance is squandered, well, then, what good are you? Second chances for her are very rare and hard-earned. She is social, thriving in situations where she must handle numerous people, especially where she is in the spotlight. However, she is not one to detract from another's accomplishments, and understands the importance of giving others the chance to shine. 

Annika doesn't believe in the games of politics, preferring a more forthright approach to her dealings with people. This can cause come off as harsh, earning her a less than favorable reputation with some...especially those who have earned her ire.

There have been times where Annika has become so wrapped up in her projects that she has neglected her personal relationships. While it is a trait she has worked on fixing over the years, there are still times where she will disappear for a day or two, only to return with a new article or designs for a new clothing line.

Adopted by the Devereaux family at a very young age, Annika spent her youth growing up in a small but well-to-do village in Marsh. She attended a private school through her adolescence, and upon graduating, studied fashion design at a school in Geraldton. During those years, she began writing for the Verot Ink & Press, serving as their fashion columnist (a job she maintains to this day). She received her big break years after graduating, when she was asked by one of her own idols to help design a line for a show at the Catwalk. Since then, Annika has amassed much notoriety in the fashion world, both for her designs and for the charity work that she does outside of the fashion world. 

Less than a year ago, Marsh found itself in need of a new Leader. No one that wasn't heavily involved in the process knows exactly how the choosing went down, but in the end, Marsh ended up with two Leaders rather than the standard one: Annika and Eko Linerson.

    + Pokemon Contests
    + Aesthetic
    + Sweet foods
    + Leader duties

    - Swamp
    - Denim
    - Mornings
    - Bitter foods (you bet your butt her coffee/tea is more cream and sugar than actual coffee/tea)
    - Critics

   Eko Linerson - Co-Leader, good opinion
   Parents - Good terms, Annika visits them when she can

Additional Notes:
  • Flawless
  • She came out as transgendered early in her life, and has received nothing but support from those she holds dear.

Battle Tactics:
 Annika doesn't battle. She is licensed to do so, should her leader duties require it, but she is strictly a Contest-minded trainer. Each of her Pokemon has been painstakingly trained to excel at one of each of the five Contest Categories, and utilizes a different Contest approach with each one.

RP Info: I do prefer RPing over Skype, but I would also be up for it here on dA or on Tumblr. Just message me for my contact info!

Pokemon Info

Name: Manelle
Pokémon: Furfrou
Gender: Female
Level: 70
Ability: Fur Coat
Type: Normal
Personality: Very little bark, and all bite. Manelle knows that she is tough, but doesn't flaunt the fact. She is more of a Furfrou of action than of preening and acting. She does, however, enjoy pampering and being taken to the groomers.
Short History: After becoming a Contest Coordinator, Annika acquired Manelle from a Breeder to expand her contest repetoire.

Name: Queen
Pokémon: Vespiquen
Gender: Female
Level: 65
Ability: Unnerve
Type: Bug/Flying
Personality: A little distant, even after so much time in Annika's care. She is close to Mina, but otherwise does not warm up easily to other Pokemon. She does, however, have an air of authority about her that she attempts to utilize on others (generally to no avail).
Short History: A rescue mon, saved from a collapsed colony. Annika adopted her from the Pokemon Sanctuary that Queen had been held at.

Name: Rhian
Pokémon: Masquerain
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Ability: Intimidate
Type: Bug/Flying
Personality: Rhian is restless, always on the move a. She is very prone to swaying around as if caught in a breeze, even if there isn't one to be found. She is also the most prone to wandering off if something catches her attention.
Short History: Rhian was Annika's first and only wild capture. She was caught when Annika was in her teens during a visit home.

Name: Mina
Pokémon: Aromatisse
Gender: Female
Level: 90
Ability: Healer
Type: Fairy
Personality: Generally a sweet, well-mannered Pokemon, Mina's cheery demeanor endears her to many who meet her.
Short History: Mina has been with Annika since her childhood, given as a gift by her adoptive parents.

Name: Vera
Pokémon: Milotic 
Gender: Female
Level: 75
Ability: Marvel Scale
Type: Water
Personality: The most active of Annika's Pokemon, Vera loves to be outside of her Pokeball. She is also the most social, always eager to meet and spend time bonding with other Pokemon. She can often be seen swimming about the Catwalk when Annika is occupied in the Capital.
Short History: A breeder with a bad reputation had been shut down some years ago, and Vera was one of the Pokemon in their possession. She was in need of a new home, which Annika was more than happy to provide that for her.

Sooooooo, how's it going, dA? I have been incredibly neglectful of my account here; these days I use tumblr as my primary social media outlet, so the others tend to be neglected, including this one.

So, we'll start things off with a quick recap of what I've been up to recently.

Graduating and other life updates
This December, I will be graduating from Northern Michigan University with my BFA in Illustration. I have work up in a senior exhibition that opens up on the 1st of December, so I'm hella pumped for that (I'm also thankful that the work is done and over with).

I am happily living with my SO in our very own apartment. Things are working out crazy-well for us, despite my snoring and aversion to washing dishes! We're probably going to be staying up in Marquette for the winter (the long, bitterly cold winter), and then start checking out places in Chicago.

On that note, we'll also be attending C2E2 in April! It'll be my first con, and I'm hoping to put together a Cassandra Pentaghast cosplay and also a couples cosplay of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. If any of those fall through, I'll probably just dress up as Tina from Bob's Burgers.

This fall, I joined this pretty rad roleplaying group, :iconpokemonbiome:, and as of early this week, I have joined the moderator's team! If anyone's looking for a new Pokémon group to join, I'd definitely recommend it; we're pretty chill there, and it's pretty new, so everyone's still getting to know one another. Even if you aren't that into Pokémon, I'd still recommend it; the mod team's worked really hard so far to put together something that'll be enjoyable for everyone!

Where to find me
Art Blog

I've also changed up my Skype recently, because I absolutely hated my old username. My Skype UN is now iambruceliane. Feel free to add me, but make sure you tell me who you are first or I won't accept your request >:U
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