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PB Sketchdump 4 by bruceliane
PB Sketchdump 4
1. Busts of Biome peeps
2. Kit in a swimsuit
3. Don for a Valentine's Day thing
4. What do you mean this wasn't a Marsh trend?
5. Tito in gardening clothes
6. Fairly Odd Tito
7. Kit's Burgers
8. Seasonal clothes for Biome peeps
9. Jayden fayse  
PB Sketchdump 3 by bruceliane
PB Sketchdump 3
1. Request stream doodles!
3. I was going to draw Tito and Gabrielle for one of the winter events, but never ended up finishing it (also that baby is way overdue and I need to draw something for them)
PB Sketchdump 2 by bruceliane
PB Sketchdump 2
1. Sexy drawing of Don as a cowboy? Yes please.
2. Kit pin up
3. Initial Annika design back when she was only the fashion editor of the Verot Ink & Press
4. There was a stripping meme at one point. This is as far as I bothered to go OTL
PB Sketchdump 1 by bruceliane
PB Sketchdump 1

1. Really silly T-shirt things.
2. Original Kit concept (and totally not a rip-off of Indiana Jones)
3. Tattoo refs for Don! (Good lord, I've changed how I draw him)
4. Draw your character in what you're wearing!
7. Back tattoo refs
8. I totally ripped off my fiance's sweater to put on Don. Whoops.
Daze and Confuse by bruceliane
Daze and Confuse

Saul Beauchamp

Name: Saul Beauchamp
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Birthday: February 8
Occupation: Swamp Biome Leader
• Bull-headed
• Xenophobic
• Loyal 
Kind of a little shit. Saul's favorite pastime includes getting non-locals lost in the swamps and scaring the heck out of them before he arrives to "save" them from the Swamp Gatr and all that awfulness. He struggles to reconcile this with his new responsibilities as co-leader of Swamp, and because of this, his temper has gotten to be pretty short. It's easy for him to get overwhelmed by things going on, but he is quick to look to those he trusts for support.

The son of the true leader of Swamp, Sandra Beauchamp nee Donaghue. About a month prior to the most recent leader's summit, Sandra had broken several bones in a fall during an excursion to "track down" illegal hunters. This accident led her to be hospitalized and unable to perform her duties as Leader. Saul, being the only member of her family either not incarcerated, disowned, absent, or otherwise unwilling to pick up the title, reluctantly took it upon himself to lead, with the help of former assistant-made-co-leader Markus, in her place. Temporarily. Until she gets better.  

+ Swamp
+ Family
+ Confusing and misleading tourists
- Marsh
- Family (specifically being the baby)
- Having to be the mature, responsible one
Relationships (optional): Mother Sandra Beauchamp nee Donaghue (a bit of a strained relationship, 63), Father Clarence Beauchamp (67), older brother Jean (34, incarcerated), older brother Marcel (33, also incarcerated), older sister Marie (27, disowned), older sister Madeline (24, out of biome), cousin Mouse (close friends, actual name Em, 19), cousin Brayden (23), cousin Gil (25, incarcerated), Aunt Callie Donaghue (47), Uncle Martin Donaghue (56)
Additional Notes: Saul is, by far, not an ideal replacement for Sandra, but he tries (<stirke>oh my god, does he try)
Battle Tactics: Scare the pee out of opponents and wish they never challenged him in the first place.

Pokemon Info

Name: Whisper
Pokémon: Duskull
Gender: Male
Level: 25
Ability: Levitate
Type: Ghost
• Leer
• Foresight
• Astonish
• Pursuit
Personality: Trickster. Fond of jump scares.
Short History: Saul's first Pokemon. 

Name: Creep
Pokémon: Spinarak
Gender: Female
Level: 16
Ability: Swarm
Type: Bug
• String Shot
• Scary Face
• Constrict
• Night Shade
Personality: Whisper's partner in crime. Also fond of scaring people. 
Short History: Saul claims that he was the one who caught Creep, but really, it was the other way around.

Name: Gnash
Pokémon: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Level: 42
Ability: Torrent
Type: Water
• Water Gun
• Rage
• Crunch
• Flail
Personality: BAMF. Kind of moody. Not very fond of listening. Likes to gnaw on things that he shouldn't.
Short History: An abnormally large Feraligatr had been seen in Swamp's waters for the longest time. Some even say it was responsible for the disappearances of several out-of-biome least, that's what the locals will tell you. Saul, like many others, told that story but never put any stock into it...until he met Gnash. It was a panic catch, for fear that the Feraligatr would actually eat him, and it took him at least a month before he'd calmed down enough to dare letting Gnash out of his ball. To this day, their relationship is still...a little rocky, but they have come to at least trust one another...most of the time.

Name: Duchess
Pokémon: Granbull
Gender: Female
Level: 78
Ability: Intimidate
Type: Fairy
• Play Rough
• Payback
• Roar
• Tackle
Personality: Incredibly protective of Sandra and her family (the entire army of them). Tends to fall asleep a lot. 
Short History: Duchess has been around since before Saul was born, and is technically-speaking still Sandra's Pokemon. However, with Sandra in the hospital, Saul has been taking care of her (or she's been taking care of him, no one's really quite sure how that works out). 

RP Info: My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (-5:00 GMT), and I'm usually on sporadically through the evenings and Sundays.
Skype (iambruceliane--just make sure to let me know who you are and that you're from Biome first) 
Sooooooo, how's it going, dA? I have been incredibly neglectful of my account here; these days I use tumblr as my primary social media outlet, so the others tend to be neglected, including this one.

So, we'll start things off with a quick recap of what I've been up to recently.

Graduating and other life updates
This December, I will be graduating from Northern Michigan University with my BFA in Illustration. I have work up in a senior exhibition that opens up on the 1st of December, so I'm hella pumped for that (I'm also thankful that the work is done and over with).

I am happily living with my SO in our very own apartment. Things are working out crazy-well for us, despite my snoring and aversion to washing dishes! We're probably going to be staying up in Marquette for the winter (the long, bitterly cold winter), and then start checking out places in Chicago.

On that note, we'll also be attending C2E2 in April! It'll be my first con, and I'm hoping to put together a Cassandra Pentaghast cosplay and also a couples cosplay of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. If any of those fall through, I'll probably just dress up as Tina from Bob's Burgers.

This fall, I joined this pretty rad roleplaying group, :iconpokemonbiome:, and as of early this week, I have joined the moderator's team! If anyone's looking for a new Pokémon group to join, I'd definitely recommend it; we're pretty chill there, and it's pretty new, so everyone's still getting to know one another. Even if you aren't that into Pokémon, I'd still recommend it; the mod team's worked really hard so far to put together something that'll be enjoyable for everyone!

Where to find me
Art Blog

I've also changed up my Skype recently, because I absolutely hated my old username. My Skype UN is now iambruceliane. Feel free to add me, but make sure you tell me who you are first or I won't accept your request >:U
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