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Clothing Swap? by bruceliane
Clothing Swap?
There was a meme going around ages ago to draw your character in the clothes you were wearing at the time. And Don looks better in my clothes than he has any right to.
Sweet jesus, what is this crap?
(super unofficial) Subtitle Contest! by bruceliane
(super unofficial) Subtitle Contest!
This was an illustration that I had initially made for a class of mine (any excuse to draw my characters in class, yo). Upon finishing it, it was pointed out to me that this looks like a really cheesy movie screenshot. So, I thought it would be fun to host a small, unofficial Contest!

Objective: Create an entertaining subtitle to go with the given image!

Format: The format of the image is not to be changed. The only changes are that text of some sort should be put on the bottom. Please make sure that the font you choose is legible.

Here are some example "fake screenshots" on dA:
Marrow Gates fake screenshot   
Kick@$$ Anime Screenshot   
GW2: Fake anime screenshot

• Please do not alter the art. The only changes that should be made to the image are 
• Submissions will be accepted in the comments section as or deviation links, dA thumbnails, or gyazo screencap links. No other format will be accepted.
• No explicit content, please.
• This contest is open to all members of :iconpokemonbiome: , and only Biome members, please (I will probably do one of these for all of my watchers somewhere down the line)

The deadline for this contest is Saturday, October 18, at 12:00 EST (-5:00 GMT)
Winners will be announced no later than the following day.

1st Place: Full body colored sketch of one of your biome characters!
2nd Place: Waist-up colored sketch of one of your biome characters!
Honorable Mention (2): Colored Sketch Portraits of one of your Biome characters!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!
Donovan Tattoo Reference by bruceliane
Donovan Tattoo Reference

This isn't 100% exact--the finer points tend to shift depending on the view of his arm, but under all those clothes, Don's got some wicked sleeves.

Donovan's App:
Shock and Awe
It has been a year since I've last written a new journal entry. I would say whoops, but I think after a certain point, it became less of a case of negligence and more of a case of "well, I don't see why I need to."

SO, what have I been up to in the past year? A lot and not very much at the same time. Artistically speaking, all of my free time has gone to :iconduality-oct:, a Pokémon OCT that takes place in medieval Unova. It started up just about this time last year, and is now going into its fifth round. My character for it is Drelia Thorne. She's currently the last thief standing, and one of eight competitors left. Seeing that Duality's the first OCT I've ever participated in, I am damn proud of making it this far. With the competition I have, though, I'm definitely going to have to step up my game if I intend to make it any further. :'D

I am taking some pretty cool courses this semester in school (last semester was art history and theory, and just generally unenjoyable). I have my 300-level illustration course, which has a focus on anatomy and combining traditional and digital elements in our art. Right now we're working with the theater on campus to make a poster for a production of Jack and the Beanstalk they're putting on next spring, and could potentially get paid for our poster design (or, if one of us gets incredibly lucky, will be offered a job to design all their posters for a season). I'm also taking an animation class, which I have a love-hate relationship with. A lot of the class deals with special effects, but many of our projects also offer hand-drawn animation as an option (even though they don't really teach us anything about it). I've quickly discovered that I do not care for actually filming or acting on camera, but the drawn animation I've done so far has been rather enjoyable.

Otherwise, I'm living in an apartment with my boyfriend and some pretty cool friends. My social life, although it's still fairly non-existent (because I easily fall into grouchy hermit mode, whoops), is picking up, and I'm making some new friendships on campus, which is also fantastic.

Um...yeah. This has been your yearly update. Hopefully I'm not so neglectful of this in the future. :'D

Also also, would anyone be up for an art trade? Ideally, I would like to use the art I produce for these to advertise commissions, but if that's not cool by you, just lemme know!
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